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This Year there have been 26,321 fires that have burned a total of 1,506,569 Acres. Currently there are 2 new large fires and Arizona has the most fires going currently at 5.


Fire NameLocationPercentage ContainedAcres Burned
Big Horn FireOro ValleyYes 85%119,020
Magnum Fire Grand Canyon/ Kaibab Plateau 88%71,627
Bringham FireSan Carlos Indian Reservaton/ New Mexico boarder40%23,142
Polles 13 Miles west of Payson 85%580
Wood Springs 12 Miles Northeast of Ganado 76%12,861
Fesnal10 Southwest of Arivaca 70%502
Monument 30 Miles North west of Ash Fork10%1,000
Woodsprings 12 miles mortheast of Ganado 85%572


Fire Name Location Percentage Contained Acres Burned
Sand Creek 20 miles northwest of pagosa 20%103
Goose Creek 14 miles Southeast of Creed75%171
Streeter13 Miles Northeast of Meeker 90%1,600

New Mexico

Fire Name Location Percentage Contained Acres Burned
Cub15 miles Se of Mogollon 515,285
Good 29 miles north of SIlver City 70%17,950
Tadpole FirePinos Altos Range
Gila NF
Vics Peak 45 miles SW of socorro 50%13,477


Fire Name LocationPercentage Contained Acres Burned
Canal5 Miles North of Oak CIty 95%78,065
Baker 18 miles South Of Filmore 75%401


Fire NameLocation Percentage ContainedAcres Burned
Meadow Valley 25 miles south of Caliente35%54,386
Numbers 10 miles Southeast of Gardenerville30%18,299
Twin 12 Miles NE of Alamo 92%25,781


Fire Name Location Percentage Contained Acres Burned


Fire Name Location Percentage Contained Acres Burned


Fire NameLocation Percentage Contained Acres Burned
Howe Peak 3 Miles Southwest of Howe906,660

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