Revolution TBH Goose Call

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The Toxic Big Honker (TBH) goose call is what waterfowlers love and Canada Geese fear. A perfect blend of pit and stage, along with a sweet drop of subtleness. The TBH was designed for one thing to master the gander language. From the loudest of hails and double clucks, to moans and murmurs so low you’ll have to pick the wheat stubble out of your teeth. TBH does it all the highs the lows, with the power, and control. From beginner to expert the TBH has laid the final nail in the coffin of your search for the perfect goose call.

Choose from our Standard Gut System or LIVE-X Gut System. Our Standard Gut System allows you to break in your own set of goose guts. Standard Guts start off with a little higher pitch than our “broke-in” LIVE-X Guts, but overtime you will begin to notice your Standard Guts begin to take shape to your calling style. Our LIVE-X Guts offer you a mocked set of goose guts that have gone through years of routine calling. LIVE-X Guts offer some of the deepest, goosiest sounds you have ever heard. LIVE-X Guts are pushed towards more advanced goose callers, but can be super easy to learn by novice callers.


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