Gator Performance Traction Pad Rum

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Are you a fishing or boating fanatic? Is your Made in USA Bison Cooler always at your side?  If so, these American-made GatorStep Performance Traction Pads are the best accessory for you.  Turn your ice chest into the perfect casting or standing platform for all those days on the water. These gray-colored, durable pads provide a nonslip surface perfect for all marine applications as well as awesome customization.  

  • Proprietary 3M adhesive that won’t shrink and is easy to apply
  • Factory applied Gator Shield with UV inhibitors resists sun damage and stain resistance
  • Highest quality EVA available lasts longer, cleans easier and stays soft longer
  • Proprietary lamination technology with multiple color layering for better aesthetics

These GatorStep traction pads only fit the GEN 2 Bison Coolers.  You can tell these apart by where the “Made in USA” embossed logo resides on the front of the cooler.  GEN 2 Coolers have Made in USA in the front center of every cooler.  


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