Hunting On A Budget

Tip 1

Instead of spending upwards of 75 dollars on a tripod to hold your spotting scope or binoculars. Go to Good Will and pick up a camera tripod most of the times these are only about 3 dollars and you can paint them any color you want. Buy an attachment for your equipment on Amazon or any retailer for about 20 dollars and you will have a tripod for your gear for nearly a third of the price.

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Tip 2

Instead of constantly buying new game bags use old pillow cases to help store and transport your meat. Once your done with sneak it in with some clothes and it will be clean as new.

Tip 3

When getting ready to go hunting if you are camping for the weekend or just need snacks to hold you over in the field. Go to the dollar store and fill up you get plenty of quick and easy meals to cook for every meal and also snacks. You can easily only spend 20 dollars for a weekends supplies of food.

Tip 4

Use Offer up or similar apps. If you do not mind using equipment such as tent other camping and hunting and fishing equipment that has been used you can find gear for 75% or more off.

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