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How To Self Tune a Bow

Get ready for archery season and be sure your equipment is ready to go. Self tuning a bow will be sure your equipment is in top condition

How to E Scout For Elk

Advanced online elk scouting represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional hunting wisdom.

The Hunting Dog

The bond between a hunter and their hunting dog is an unmatched bond

Velvet Buck Season Coming To Oklahoma?

Velvet buck season coming to Oklahoma? Senate Bill 910 has passed through the Senate and is moving on for consideration by the House of Representatives. The bill comes from Senator Blake Stephens, who is an avid hunter and is hoping to increase the deer… Continue Reading “Velvet Buck Season Coming To Oklahoma?”

Year 1 Of Arizona OTC Changes Review

At the start of the 2022 OTC deer season in Arizona, Arizona Game and Fish implemented some big changes. The end of the first full deer season since those changes is here. Lets recap the first year. After week one Monsoons and storms hit… Continue Reading “Year 1 Of Arizona OTC Changes Review”

OTC Deer Changes In Arizona for Non Residents

With the changes already put in place by Arizona Game and fish department this year regarding OTC Archery deer. Residents and non residents hunters are still getting used to it. Now there are more changes coming from Arizona Game and fish regarding non resident… Continue Reading “OTC Deer Changes In Arizona for Non Residents”

New Mexico bans scopes on muzzleloaders

Following a trend that is in place in many western states already. New Mexico is banning scopes on muzzleloaders starting in the 2023 hunting season. This comes after the New Mexico State game Commission voted on the ban. The new ruling specified that muzzleloader… Continue Reading “New Mexico bans scopes on muzzleloaders”

Cheating Scandal Rocks Walleye Fishing Competition

A scandal is rocking the competitive fishing world. Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyonangler are accused of illegally putting weights in the fish they caught. During the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship event. Multiple media outlets, have reported that Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon, of… Continue Reading “Cheating Scandal Rocks Walleye Fishing Competition”

Snack Time Feeder Review

A feeder that just does’nt feed when animals are around if you don’t want it too.

Canadian Game Birds Banned In US

Yes you read that headline right. Canadian Game Birds are Banned In US for importation. If you are heading to hunt Geese, Ducks, Grouse or any other game bird to our neighbors up north. A hunter will not be allowed to bring them back… Continue Reading “Canadian Game Birds Banned In US”