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How to E Scout For Elk

Advanced online elk scouting represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional hunting wisdom.

Elk Breakfast Burritos

Elk Breakfast burritos are perfect use of your elk meat and are one hell of a way to start your day. Wrap these bad boys up in aluminum foil and pack them for lunch or breakfast in the field. This simple burrito you can… Continue Reading “Elk Breakfast Burritos”

Oregon Husband & Wife Convicted in Elk PoachingĀ 

brown elk on green grass field

Husband and wife Chris and Stephanie Lardy were convicted of multiple wildlife crimes while including elk poaching.  The couple was convicted after firing 30 to 40 shots at an elk heard on highway 395 in Oregon according to USA Today. Surprisingly the couple did… Continue Reading “Oregon Husband & Wife Convicted in Elk PoachingĀ “