Snack Time Feeder Review

Snack Time Feeder Set Up

The Snack time Feeder is a game feeder that is revolutionizing how your feeders work and operate. feeds only when game is present. Only as much as you want. Only as frequently as you want and only the game you want. 

The snack time feeder all you have to do is hook up the feeder to your main feed storage component and it does all the work. Instead of just spinning feed when the animals may not be around. The snack time feeder waits until the animal is near by. If you choose to have it spin on a timer you can do that as well.


The Snack Time feeder works off of c batteries or you can hook up a solar panel and you wont have to worry about changing the batteries. Depending on the size of game you are targeting you can raise or lower the trigger arm so you can be game specific. By allowing the arm to be raised or lower you don’t have to worry about the pesky raccoons setting it off all the time.

By over riding the trigger you will turn this into a traditional feeder

I usually can find some cons when it comes to reviewing products but the snack time feeder I do not see any cons. It is simple to set up and use and you can easily save money if you elect to use the trigger arms. With the prices of feed today every penny helps. So order yours today!

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