Canadian Game Birds Banned In US

Yes you read that headline right. Canadian Game Birds are Banned In US for importation. If you are heading to hunt Geese, Ducks, Grouse or any other game bird to our neighbors up north. A hunter will not be allowed to bring them back to the United States. The United States Department of Agriculture-Animal Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) has issued an official statement banning the importation of all hunter-harvested game birds from Canada. This comes after a ruling earlier in the year that APHIS banned the import of live birds, eggs, and raw wild waterfowl meat from Canada into the U.S.


The reason for this ban is due to the outbreak to a strain of avian influenza.

This Importation ban only pertains to birds that fly through or are killed within the boundaries of specified control zones. Zones are identified areas that have a high incidence of bird flu. There is a continually updated map of the control zones.

Want to Bring A Bird Back?

APHIS is telling hunters if they cook their bird that was killed inside a Canadian control zone, they are safe to cross back into the U.S.. But U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) requires that hunters leave a wing on all harvested waterfowl so that birds can be identified at the border. If you crossed into the U.S. with just the cooked meat and no wing. That’s against the law and violates the Lacey Act. This is also a requirement when transporting any unprocessed waterfowl in the U.S..

You can also employ a USDA certified taxidermist in Canada. If you wish to get your bird taxidermied in Canada and have brought back to the USA.

These control zones raises another question for hunters. How will some one be able to identify if their bird flew through one of the control zones?

This isn’t the first time an import ban has impacted U.S. hunters. There was a global spread of H1N1 Bird Fin 2005 When duck season opened in Canada that fall the ban on transporting infected birds into the U.S. remained in place

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