Mystery Ranch POP UP 38 REVIEW

The Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38 is a day pack that doubles as load hauling system. This frame features expandable poles, this features allows the frame too quickly and easily expand and adjust to carry loads up to 80 lbs. This pack comes in OPTIFADE SUBALPINE, Foliage green, And Coyote Brown, and retails for 399.99

The mystery ranch pop up 38 will have you ready to haul your mule deer or the first quarter of your elk out. This will make your 1st pack out easier and not forcing you to head back to your truck to get your frame pack. The pack has 2 external front facing zippers as well as a a huge internal space.


The Mystery Ranch Pop up 38 allows you to easily store your trekking pole or tripod for your optics/rifle on the side securely. It has room on the inside to put jackets your kill kit and more. The Pop up frame expands out and can hold up to 80 pounds to make the pack out easy.

  • Perfect size for a day pack
  • Able to haul your harvest out immediately on a small frame
  • Light weight (5.3 lbs)
  • Durable
  • Hydration Bladder Compatible


The mystery ranch pop up 38 down sides are that there are only 2 external pockets. I found my self constantly having to go into the main pouch to get to most of my gear. You have to flip the top back in order to get to the internal pocket and a-lot of the time it will fall right back down on you while you are in the main pocket. There is no spot to hook up your water line from your hydration pack. As well as a way for it to come out of the pack.

  1. Not much organization
  2. External Pockets are small
  3. No Place for hydration hose to connect in place
  4. No place for hydration hose to really come out of the pack


Overall the mystery ranch pop up 38 is a great day pack. It will give you the versatility to pack your harvest out immediately and with ease. You will not have to worry about throwing the deer over or your elk quarters over your shoulders for the first pack out. The downside is there is not much internal pocketing or a way to keep your gear well organized. But over all if you are trying to find a day pack for western game the pop up 38 is one you should consider.

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