No Child Support No Hunting Or Fishing

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(NewsNation)-In Utah no child support no hunting or fishing. Yes you heard that right in Utah if you owe more than 2500 dollars in child support you will not be able to purchase a hunting or fishing license.

“I came up with the idea for the bill, actually, in talking with some of my constituents who had noncustodial partners that were overdue on child support and going out and spending lots and lots of money hunting and fishing,”

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee (Author of the bill)

“A lot of people talk about sending people to jail or prison instantly when they hear non-collection of child support, non-payment of child support. But in reality, if they’re going to prison or jail, they’re not working, so that’s not helping solve the problem,” said Utah Office of Recovery Services (ORS) director Liesa Stockdale, whose agency manages child support in the state. “

With that context in mind, Stockdale reports an increase in payments by nearly $2 million a year after the new law took effect. Which came from the people that owed the child support that were affected by this law.

Lisonbee also worked with lawmakers to update the law this year to add flexibility to its enforcement. .

This is a unique way to make people pay child support while keeping them out of jail or the threat of jail. With these people in jail there will be no way for them to make money to pay what they owe.

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