Changes To Arizona OTC DEER

As many of you know if you want to hunt in Arizona and not put in for a draw hunt. Your only option is Over the Counter Archery Deer. Whether you are chasing Mule Deer or the elusive Grey Ghost Couse Deer. Hunting deer in Arizona is a challenge. If you want a Couse deer and not want to have to travel to Mexico. Arizona is the only state that offers this hunt over the counter. The Over the counter deer tag will run you $45 for a resident and $300 for a non resident.


With Record Drought plus Arizona OTC hunts being publicized by every major hunting influencer, company, and Tv show. The the deer in Arizona have taken an impact.

On April 1, 2022, by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission decided to implement Harvest Limits for each unit . The harvest limits were set at 20 percent of the estimated harvest for a unit and species. Failure to report a harvest, as well as hunting in a closed unit, will be strictly enforced.

All over-the-counter archery deer hunters will be required to report their harvest either online or by phone within 48 hours of taking their deer. (details to be published in the 2022-2023 Arizona Hunting Regulations booklet). When the number of deer equaling the archery deer harvest limit for a particular unit and species has been reported, the unit will be closed. The Following Wednesday at Sundown.

When the threshold is hit on a Thursday you have 6 more days until the unit closes. But if the threshold is met on Tuesday you will have 24 hours at most left to hunt.

Hunters will be responsible for checking online or by telephone before hunting to determine if their desired hunt unit is still open. The department’s website will be updated continuously to reflect the number of deer harvested and whether a harvest limit has been reached and a unit is closed. 

The 2022-2023 Arizona Hunting Regulations will be posted online in early


Unit Thresholds by Species and hunt dates

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