Concealed Carry in Today’s America

Concealed Carry in American and having CCW insurance has never been more important. In the ever-changing times of America where police are quitting or retiring in record numbers. Police response rates in some cities are up to 13 minutes. What can happen to you in that in your family in those 13 minutes ? When you’re armed either in your home or out in the store you can protect yourself and your family. But if you’re unarmed you can fall victim to the criminals and put your families or yourself life in jeopardy.

concealed carry Side Holster

With police response times rising and over 80% of gun crimes committed by someone that is unlawfully is possessing a gun, 25.3 million or 31% of legal gun owners have had to use their firearm to protect themselves or family. More than ever now you should be Conceal Carrying (CCW) a side arm with you at all times. With multiple different ways to conceal carry from concealed carry holster to a simple concealed carry belt clip it has never been a better time for you to protect yourself and your family and not have to use those bulky carrying systems that previously have been used.


   But what happens if you are concealed carrying and you do have to use your weapon? Well court fees can  bankrupt you the average attorney fee for a lawsuit against you can reach upwards of 65,000$. Plus your bail can be upwards of 50,000$ depending on where in the country you live. But if you have canceled carry insurance such as Right to Bear you will be covered, and you will be protected against the criminal and that eager prosecutor. Now you’re probably thinking why would I want to get CCW insurance? Well, you have car insurance, and you don’t plan on getting in an accident, or health insurance, but you don’t plan on getting sick.

It is the same for concealed carry insurance Right to Bear will protect you and your family from falling victim. When you decided to protect yourself or your family. In this day inn age were politicians want to prosecute anyone that is protecting themselves, family, or business. While empower the criminals by making them out to be the hero. While making you the villain it has never been more important to carry a side arm on with you. But if you are in the wrong state you will become the one to be at fault! Court and attorney fees can reach above 150,000$! When you have CCW insurance such as Right to Bear you will be protected and not fall victim. Having Concealed Carry insurance is a must if you plan on not becoming a victim.

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