When it comes to glassing it can be tricky. Spending all day staring at the same hill looking at the same bush over and over. In this Article we are going to go over the Tips and Tricks of glassing.


When it comes to glassing with either binoculars or a spotting scope you are going to want to have the right equipment.

  • Tripod I run a Bog pod but if you are not in the mood to shell out 100’s of dollars for a tripod see our article in the budget hunter.
  • Attachment for Optics
  • Optics carrying case
Glassing Set Up


When it comes to glassing you will want to keep your eyes active and create a pattern when it comes to searching for your animal. In America we read left to right and top to bottom. Due to this our eyes tend to skip over objects because are brains are conditioned to overlook objects out of habits.

In order to break this habit when you glass it is best to glass from down to up and left to right. This will create a change in your brains pattern and will help you spot animals and different objects.

When you are glassing it it best to to use a grid pattern and look under every tree brush and rock and get to know the area that you are glassing.


By working in this grid search it will eliminate skipping over or missing anything that may be hiding. By doing this grid pattern the likely hood of you over looking an animal will decrease significantly.

As you continue to glass the area do not be afraid to move on eventually. I would suggest doing this pattern 3-4 times and then move on to another area.

Need help choosing and optic see our article on Guide to Hunting optics.

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