Treezyn Camo Leafy Suit Review

In February of 2021 Treezyn Camo came out with their newest product the Leafy Suit. This suit comes in 3 options (S,M,L)(L,XL)(2xl,3XL). You can buy this product on their website for $129.00 the link will be the bottom of this article.


Treezyn’s Leafy Suit is very light weight and perfect for spring turkey hunts or early season deer hunts when it is still warm out. The plus side is this product for having the multiple option sizes in one.Which makes this very room and will leave you with plenty of room underneath if you would like to add layers to stay warm and wear it in the winter months.

Key Features

  • Elastic Cuffs & Waist
  • Draw Stings on Pant Waist
  • Zippered Front Pockets
  • Mesh Face Zips In/Out


Price Comparison– In the middle

Leafy Suits have a wide range on the cheaper end you can purchase one online for around 29.00 but they can go up to 200$. Some suits are 100$ for the jacket and 100$ for the bottoms and that does not include the face covering.


  • Built in face covering
  • Multiple sizes in one suit that leaves you to be able to layer up
  • Breathability the suits light weight and design make it very breathable for those warm humid days.
  • Zip away face covering and hood
  • Realistic Look
  • Comfort, this is easily the most comfortable piece of hunting clothing that I own.
Face covering Ease To Zip Away


  • There are only 2 pockets on the top portion so if you just wear the pants you will not have any pockets. The pockets are also pretty big so if you store your turkey calls or other gear it will bounce around while you walk to your spot. I wish they added other pockets on the pants and smaller one to store gear more compactly.
  • – Price the leafy suit is in the middle when it comes to prices of suits. (But remember cheaper does not always mean better)

Overall Conclusion

The Treezyn Camo Leafy suit is a must have for this springs company turkey season and an overall great product. Its lightweight and realistic look is amazing the leaves pop off the suit and blend in and sway with a breeze mimicking real leaves and greenery. You are going to blend right in to your surroundings and will not have to worry about that spring gobbler spotting you. If you are in the market for a suit that will not fall apart but also will not break the bank this is the right product for you.


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